Growing Pains

Growing pains. All kids get them. As their parents we will never really know how painful they actually are to our kiddos. The thought of my kid going through any pain at all, just makes my heart ache. Last weekend Landon was in such intolerable pain we almost went to the hospital. He couldn’t walk. He needed us to compress his ankle & shin for almost 1 hour. This was the only thing that helped him. Even with us holding his ankle, massaging where he asked and a dose of Ibuprofen, he was hysterical. We were at IKEA,  drove almost 90 minutes in the rush hour traffic all to be there for 5 minutes and leave. We left the IKEA parking lot and had to pull over at a  local Walgreens. We sat for almost 2 hours until we began our journey home.

Long story short: after the  doctors appointment the next morning,  we all came to the conclusion that it was either a charley horse gone wrong, or just very bad growing pains. But regardless of what it was, the doctor explained to us that it was probably almost as painful as a minor fracture or pulled ligament. This is due to sensory kiddos feeling pain in different way than their peers. So, of course my heart broke even more when I thought about that.

I always knew he felt his emotions differently from others, but never actually stopped to think about physical pain. As much it sucks seeing him fight though his emotions, try to explain his feelings and feel tremendous amounts of pain, I know all these things will make him a stronger person, one with empathy no doubt. Does your little one have growing pains? What are some home remedies you do to calm them? Share away- I would love to know!


THEN- 18 months


NOW- 6 years

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