Make it Monday- DIY Collage Frame

My house is small. Like 640 sq. foot small. I love it (most days). It’s easier to clean, cheaper to heat but has it’s drawbacks as well. I love pictures. Anything really. Prints. Vintage. Photographs. Even Landon’s artwork deserves to be showcased on a wall. However, with an entire wall being utilized by our TV/Bookshelf wall unit in our tiny kitchen/living room combo- it truly leaves no where for us to hang pictures.

I saw this project on Pinterest. Oh, how I love thee. You can make me so motivated and yet so unhappy the next. I mean, sure I am crafty. I can handle myself with most projects I see & love. But, then I see you need space for “said” project. And it reminds me that my house is the size of someone’s two-car garage. When you are like me and love to showcase many photos at once, this project is a must. And if you are also like me, with always needing to change out “said” photos every once in a while, this project is a must. Just take my word for it. This DIY Collage Frame project is must and can work in any room.

Materials Needed:

A frame  ( I suggest one large enough to hold 4- 4×6 photos to get the most out of it)

Twine/Ribbon/Yarn (in a coordinating color with the room you choose to display in)

Scissors (to cut with-LOL)

Mini Clothespins (any craft store will have these)

Tape ( to tape ribbon/twine to back of frame)

You can see my finished project below. I love it so much. I will be making one for my son’s room as well as a gift for my mom. You can get as creative as you want with this. This is such a great space-saving project, but also so unique to add to any room regardless of size/space limitations. If you try this- please let me know! I love seeing finished projects!

Photo on 3-24-14 at 8.57 AM


Photo on 3-24-14 at 8.59 AM

4 thoughts on “Make it Monday- DIY Collage Frame

  1. I love this idea! I try to update my photos on my fridge by the season, but that’s often a fail. lol Putting photos in a nice collage frame seems like a great second option to displaying them. Thanks for sharing. Nice work!

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