About Me & The Blog

I am a mom to a sensational boy named Landon. He was diagnosed with Sensory Processing Disorder shortly after his 3rd birthday. This blog is filled with the ups & downs and random things in between of my journey to raise a young gentleman in this insanely chaotic world. What started out as a blog to show family and friends how Landon was progressing, has transformed into something more.  I am a writer by nature. This blog was a way for me to journal and share my thoughts that were inside my head. I quickly realized that if I could help just one person on their journey with SPD, anxiety, a childhood eating disorder or anything I/we have faced, I knew I wanted to keep going. My Sensational Kid has blossomed into My Sensational Kid and Me. 


I am a mom, a wife, writer, foodie, football obsessed, yogi, asthmatic runner, mental health advocate, lover of green living, friend, daughter, aunt, friend, traveler, dreamer and so much more. This is my journal for you all to see. It is a mere glimpse into how I see the world and how I flourish with my sensational kid next to me!

You will find reviews, giveaways, recipes, DIY crafts, eco-friendly living tips, travel reviews, food allergy awareness, mental health advocacy and so much more here. I truly hope you enjoy what you see/read.