DIY Valentine’s Day gift for Mister

Valentine’s Day is upon us. Most believe it is a made up holiday that’s sole purpose is to make us dive deeper into our wallets and spend more money. And right after the holidays? Who has tons of extra money laying around? I don’t. But that doesn’t mean I still don’t like to give my special someone a token of my affection. This DIY Valentine’s Day gift for Mister (or Mrs.), is perfect. It cost under $10 to make and you really do NOT need to be an expert artist.

Tools needed:

White Ceramic Mugs- found at The Dollar Tree: 2 of them

Pencil with eraser

Permanent Markers in 3 different colors- Paint markers or Sharpies work best



Directly across from the handle on the mug (other side of mug), start drawing a large heart. It took me a few tries until I had both “humps” on the heart looking right! Do this step for both mugs. Place the heart drawings onto each other, so that the handles are on the outside. The two hearts should make one larger one. If not, erase a few spots and work on making them look cohesive. Once they do, color the hearts in two different colors. Add your names, Mr/Mrs, Boyfriend/Girlfriend, Mrs/Mrs…. You get the idea. Let dry for 24 hours, wrap and  then enjoy a cup of cocoa, tea or coffee with the one who makes your heart complete.


Can’t wait to give mine to my Mister! I would love to yours if you make one! Email, Facebook, Tweet or Pin me!


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