DIY Valentine’s Day gift for Mister

Valentine’s Day is upon us. Most believe it is a made up holiday that’s sole purpose is to make us dive deeper into our wallets and spend more money. And right after the holidays? Who has tons of extra money laying around? I don’t. But that doesn’t mean I still don’t like to give my special someone a token of my affection. This DIY Valentine’s Day gift for Mister (or Mrs.), is perfect. It cost under $10 to make and you really do NOT need to be an expert artist.

Tools needed:

White Ceramic Mugs- found at The Dollar Tree: 2 of them

Pencil with eraser

Permanent Markers in 3 different colors- Paint markers or Sharpies work best



Directly across from the handle on the mug (other side of mug), start drawing a large heart. It took me a few tries until I had both “humps” on the heart looking right! Do this step for both mugs. Place the heart drawings onto each other, so that the handles are on the outside. The two hearts should make one larger one. If not, erase a few spots and work on making them look cohesive. Once they do, color the hearts in two different colors. Add your names, Mr/Mrs, Boyfriend/Girlfriend, Mrs/Mrs…. You get the idea. Let dry for 24 hours, wrap and  then enjoy a cup of cocoa, tea or coffee with the one who makes your heart complete.


Can’t wait to give mine to my Mister! I would love to yours if you make one! Email, Facebook, Tweet or Pin me!


Love is a human right not just an emotion

This past weekend, Love was in the air. It was everywhere. First dates, new engagements, flowers, candy and other objects of affection were thrust upon us. For some, Valentine’s Day may have brought up memories of heartbreak or loneliness. For some, Valentine’s Day might have been a big reminder that they are not being true to themselves.

Valentines for his buddies

Valentines for his buddies

What do you think “True Love” is? Do you believe it is the soul’s recognition of its counterpoint in another? Do you believe it is the willingness to give your life for someone? Do you believe it is the purest form of unconditional love? Do you even believe in True Love? I do. But maybe it’s not in the way you think.

After this weekend, and Ellen Page’s vulnerable & honest speech, I realized what I view as True Love. True Love is the ability to love yourself for who you are. That is how I see it. Without fear of judgement, fear of ridicule, fear of the unknown. True Love allows your mind, heart and spirit to be one with each other. Having no inner conflicts allows you to experience life & love in a way you never imagined. Once you love yourself, you are capable of love and to love fully & wholeheartedly. Everyone deserves to love who they wish. Everyone deserves to be loved in return. Love is a human right not just an emotion. 

Of course, there are the moments in your life that you are not all pleased with yourself. Whether it is a weight gain, medical issue, a bad decision, these are all non-factors of loving yourself. I am talking about the fundamentals of your inner core. Who are you? Do you accept people for who they are? Do you wish for peace & happiness? Do you try your best with your loved ones? Are you an active member of a community? These are the factors that I am talking about. If you can gather these together and truly be happy with the person you are, then I my friends believe you are a prime example of True Love. It must start from within and go onward and upward.

Let your heart speak. What do you hear?


True Love is rocking no makeup & jammies because your son was a photo op!

True Love is rocking no makeup & jammies because your son was a photo op!


Valentine’s Craft that is good for your Heart

It’s Valentines day! YAY! Usually I am the mom who goes out the night before to my local 24 hour CVS and picks up a box of pre-maid valentines. For other holidays I am more open to spending time making something crafty for the kids in Landon’s class. But, for some reason, I always feel like the Valentines that he gets, we just toss. So, wouldn’t others do the same? Why waste all that time on something?

Maybe it’s just me, being cynical or a pessimist. I am known to be a little of both. Any-who, this year I decided to make something. I wanted to make a Valentine craft that is good for your heart! But not just anything. I wanted to make something I felt at least half of his class would actually use.He has 21 kids in his class, so my odds were good I thought. With the emphasis on reading & writing in Kindergarten this year, I thought what would be a better thing to make then BOOKMARKS! The kids can feel “grown-up” with  their very own and it promotes the LOVE OF READING! Which by the way, I am very keen on.


Here  is our attempt at Valentine’s Crafts!  It’s pretty self-explanatory. Landon had a blast helping and was so excited to give them to all his friends! He even left the other side of the bookmark blank for the kids to decorate with their own stickers or markers! He is just too thoughtful! Wonder who he takes after? I hope you all have a great Valentines Day- and I apologize in advance if your kid is in Landon’s class- I will hold onto the Valentines for a day- then out they go! My 640-sq foot home has no room for anything extra! TRUST ME!


photo-40 Namaste~