Lincoln School Book Festival 2014

You know what I like about reading? You don’t have to be good at it. You don’t have to read what your friends are reading. You can read where you choose too. You can get lost in the adventure, romance, history and suspense of a book, all without leaving the comforts of your home. As adults, we love the way a good book makes us feel after we’ve finished it. We laugh, we cry, we empathize with the characters. It invigorates our imaginations. And lets be honest, as we get older we can all use a little spark to our imagination.

It is hard to explain to young children how a book can make you feel. We can tell them that reading is good for them, but until they feel the effects of it they really won’t “get it”. And how do kids learn? They learn by doing. Anything worth doing, is worth over doing. Children will eventually come to realize it’s more about that funny looking monster in the book, or that relatable boy. It’s about how the story makes you feel. What you take away from the book. But as parents, we need to keep the flame burning until that realization happens on it’s own. For some, it happens sooner than later.

A child's book from the 19th century

A child’s book from the 19th century

On October 18th, I was given the opportunity to attend the Lincoln School Book Festival 2014. The Rhode Island Festival of Children’s Books & Authors was held at the Lincoln School here in Providence, RI. From the moment I walked up the sidewalk, I knew the Lincoln School promotes early childhood literacy with a passion. Signs were everywhere with sayings about reading. Teachers were dressed as lovable children’s book characters. There was a storytelling tent set up outside. The crafts were even dedicated to books. All this being said, it wasn’t overdone. It was just matter of fact. They love to read and they are here to share it with you.

RI Book Festival 2014 program

RI Book Festival 2014 program

My son & I had a blast looking at the pop-up bookstore they had. We purchased two books for him to have autographed. We made an amazing craft (which I will be copying again). Listened to amazing stories & songs. Had a delicious pizza followed by a vegan dessert! It was such a blast. It was amazing to see how many children in my community actually value books. Kindles, tablets and Ipads are all the rage. And I get that you can store more books than you could possibly need, but there is something about the feeling of a book’s cover. The sound it makes when you turn the page. The suspense you feel when you wonder what illustration is next.

Landon's pop-up book

Landon’s pop-up book


While the event is over, I urge you to attend next year. It is an annual event and the Lincoln School is already taking applications for authors, volunteers and sponsors for 2015. Follow the Lincoln School on Facebook to keep up with all their events. Now, pick up that book that is collecting dust on your shelf and read. Get lost in it, even if it’s only for 15 minutes. And NO, I won’t hold it against you if you use your Kindle, this time. 



Wordless Wednesday- Sensory Diet

It’s Happy Hump day again! Last week, during school vacation we went for a relaxing family lunch. We decided as a family, we would try a new place for the three of us. Hubby & I go for sushi alot, but never with Landon. He was determined to get a STAR on his chart for trying a new food! He did- and we are so proud! Way to go for overcoming your anxieties & fears. We love you Landon!


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What did you say to me?

Things you do not say to a mom- most importantly ME!

My list could go on, but these are my all time TOP 5 ones that I hear all too much.

1. What’s wrong with him?
You know moms do not do well when others pick out flaws in our children. I will be the first to mention when there is something he needs to work on- you in the other hand can keep your mouth shut thank you very much.
2. Give me one week with him…….
Excuse me? And Why, what will you do? You will what? Fix him? Change him? As if I am doing something wrong? Step back…..step away slowly…….
3. If he is hungry, he will eat it.
It might work for most kids, but not ALL kids. Ever heard of the exception? And if I hear one more story of how when you were younger there was only one meal for dinner and if you didn’t eat, you went to bed hungry, I think I will scream.
4. You look tired.
Well, moms are tired. We work all day long, some with multiple children. So,
Thanks, if that’s your way of saying I look like crap, then you are too kind!
5. You look like such a mom.
As if there is something wrong with being a mom, society defines looking like “a mom” with negative attributes, I.e mom jeans, fluffy belly, saggy boobs, flats, “mom” haircut- I find that unfair……..If I want to rock high waist jeans and ballet flats I freaking most certainly will. I will do it with pride!

What is something that was said to you that rubbed you the wrong way? Please share……so at least I know I am not alone with this. Or maybe I am. Oh no…… I?

Judgement Day- working moms have it hard and beyond………


This is me! I am JOY!


I work very hard. I work for a multiple of paying gigs. I work on keeping my little 860 square foot home clean & organized. I work at raising my son to be a gentleman. One who opens doors and says please & thank you. I work at helping my son understand his emotion needs. I work at being a good daughter. I work at being a good friend. I work at being a good sister. I work at spoiling my niece and nephews. I work at being an attentive and loving wife. I work at keeping the 75 pounds of weight I lost, off. I work on my social anxiety everyday. I work at being good to the environment. I work at eating healthy.  I work hard, very hard.

Therefor, as a working mother, many may think I would say working moms have it harder than stay at home moms, or even women with no children for that matter. But I have to disagree. I don’t disagree that working moms have it hard because we definitely do,  I disagree that stay at home moms and childless workers don’t. Why is it my right to judge what someone does. Each person is entitled to their feelings towards their own responsibilities, whether it is at home or in the workplace.


I know the stigma in the workplace is that working parents get more slack. And in the “mommyworld”, people think stay at home moms have it easier and vice versa. Well, I say Screw that. Screw you society for putting this nonsense into our heads. Yes, I say OUR heads because I was one of the workers with no kids who used to get frustrated at the “slack” I saw being given to parents in the workplace.  When someone needed to take their child to the doctor, or soccer practice it was fine. But if I needed to go to the doctors or heaven forbid take my dog to the vet- I needed to call out sick or take a personal day. The flexibility towards employees  was never universal in the workplace. I realized over time that it was not my responsibility to care what others did or didn’t do with their time. It was not their fault that they weren’t being held to the same standard as I was. I was not going to fall into the trap society dug for me and take my frustrations out on them.

What it is time for- is for companies, more importantly Society to give employees (all employees) the same flexibility (within reason) to pursue their other goals.  If a mother or father needs to take their child to practice, let them. But if Joe needs to take his elderly mom shopping or take his dog to the vet, then he can too.  We as humans, should all be entitled to the same flexibility as one another. I mean I can assume we are all human on this planet right? No-one will hold that assumption against me, will they? We are all in this world together. Can’t we all agree that having happier employees makes for more productive employees? We all live different lives, each one is unique. You should never judge someone’s life unless you can walk a day in their shoes.  (Love that saying- it’s been around forever because its true!) And this isn’t just a finger pointing session on companies. Moms-you are next. Why are we so harsh on each other? Why? Who gave us the right to say that what you do each day isn’t meaningful, fulfilling, hard, demanding, satisfying and beyond? We should be building each other up instead of tearing each other down.


As a single working woman, then to a stay at home mom and finally to a working mom, I see how society, the workplace and just other peoples narrow-minded views can affect you and make you judge others. I will not judge anyone anymore. I do not want to judge anyone. I want to live my own life. I don’t  want to think what if. There is NO what if. There is only NOW. Live YOUR life. If you don’t stop judging what others have created, you will never create your Best life.