The Football Bitch- NFL Playoff Review

Although it is the end of the season with just 2 weeks left, this Football Bitch has decided to write about football more periodically. So next year, be on the lookout for more posts and possibly a podcast of my live antics while watching the game.

I love football. Yes, I am New England Patriots fan. But I am a fan of the game first. I am not just another hometown fan. While I do reside in little Rhody, I was born and raised in New Jersey. I am proud of where I came from, but that doesn’t mean I had to be a team player when it comes to the sport teams. Sure, I had box seats at Yankee Stadium and tailgated many Jets & Giants games, but they were never my team. I went because I loved football and my Dad made me go to those baseball games (I HATE BASEBALL). My team has always been the Patriots. Something about the name, the colors, the history just drew me in.

This past weekend was a field day for amazing plays, bad calls, records being set/crushed and true colors being bled all over the field. I am here to tell you some of my favorite highlights from the weekend.

Best Play of the Weekend: QB12 Brady lateral pass to WR11 Edelman (QB11 for this play) who then chucks it long to fellow WR80 Amendola for a 51-yard touchdown. This was the longest TD ever by a non-QB in NFL playoff history. So- it’s double dose of awesome-sauce- Best Play & Record Setting!

Worst Call of the Weekend: Pass Interference  call on CB24 Revis for his tight coverage of WR89 Smith. Let’s clear something up- Revis was on the JETS- I loathe the JETS- but he was a beast then and still is.  Rarely ever getting penalties because he is the BEST at his job. Only 6 pass interference calls in his 8 year career. You don’t call PI’s on the best corner. The refs got this one wrong.

True COLORS (a Cyndi Lauper classic): QB12 Luck is the new prince of the COLTS!  He was truly unstoppable. He looked so cool in the pocket. He came into that game to play. He had no reservations about his game-plan whatsoever. QB18 Manning on the other hand, came in with tons. He had the weight of Denver on his shoulders. He is the BRONCOS. Luck played with poise, elegance, grit when needed and had fun. Manning played with a choppy run, a weaker arm and a fear of losing. He lost his spirit. He is one of the ALL-TIME great QB’s, but sometimes father time catches up to some sooner than others.

Opinions are welcome and encouraged. It leads to healthy debate. But, remember the Patriots are #1- that’s not up for debate 🙂



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