Kansas- You SUCK!

Kansas, you know what? You suck ass balls. You suck great balls of fire. You just plainly SUCK at being you.  What is wrong with you? Seriously? What is it? Are you tired of the ever-famous quote, “We’re not in Kansas anymore”, being the only thing people remember you for? It sure is all I care to know about you- especially now. I could and would never live, let alone vote in a state where laws like yours are being passed in the House of Representatives.  Before I move forward Kansas, please take a moment and read my post on “LOVE”here. And while you are there, take the time to watch Ellen Page’s inspirational message about acceptance, or simply watch here if you are too damn lazy to go find it.

 Law 1: Discrimination at its finest

A law was recently passed in the House of Reps in Kansas that allows businesses to refuse service to same-sex couples & individuals if it interferes with their religious beliefs. The supporters of this bill believe it is not discrimination, but instead it is simply protecting religious beliefs. Hogwash. Utter Bleeping Hogwash. Isn’t the foundation of religion about loving & respecting all God’s creatures, whichever God it is? Listen, I was raised Catholic. I refused my confirmation because as a 12 year old, I didn’t believe what they were preaching. I will NOT be apart of any religion that demonizes another human being for whom they love. Just because it was all I knew, didn’t mean it was all I needed to know. I am better for not standing inside the heaping pile of hypocrisy of “love one another”, .  Through my research, I have found that they believe this bill will not hold up in the next phase, but the fact that it even made it this far, is upsetting & disgusting. Kansas- you win nothing.

Law 2: Spanking to leave a handprint

Yes, you heard me right. Spanking is allowed in Kansas as of now, as long as no permanent damage is done to the child. However, a new law being proposed allows parents, teachers & caregivers (with parents permission) to administer 10 strikes of the hand, with smacks hard enough to leave redness & bruising.  Are you kidding me? What The Hell is Wrong With Kansas? I will not even get into how many ways spanking is not an effective tool, instead lets focus on LEAVING A MARK ON YOUR CHILD! The thought of leaving a mark on my child on purpose or accidental puts me into a hyperventilation state. Supporters of this bill believe it will restore parental rights & ultimately kids will respect their parents more.  Let me propose something to you Kansas: How about an adult, any adult who fears lack of respect of another individual can smack them without fear of retribution. How does that sound? Because let me tell you, as an adult, if another adult were to put their hands on me I would not respect them, I would loathe them. Fear them. De-friend them (Facebook pun,HAHAHA). It doesn’t gain my respect, and nor would I want my child to respect anyone who demands respect by physical abuse. AGAIN KANSAS- YOU SUCK!

I could write forever on these topics, but they are toxic. Toxic to my brain, toxic to society and toxic for the children of the next generation. I only can say, this toxicity will come nowhere into my household. Side Note:  as a travel major and avid traveler, I will NOT be visiting Kansas.

*****Disclaimer- I will apologize if you are from Kansas. What I said was raw, honest and well, people just needed to know how bad Kansas sucks.  I am not sorry for throwing your state under the bus (and running over it a few hundred times), I am sorry that you are from Kansas.

Namaste~ people~ Namaste



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