Listen to Your Mother- Providence Submission

Listen to Your Mother submissions are due Feb 14th. So soon…..ahh……(stop blogging Joy- start writing)…… For those who follow along- you know I auditioned for Listen To Your Mother – Providence last year. I did not make the cut. I will not sit here and lie and say I wasn’t upset. I was. But after about 2 weeks I realized something. I wrote my best piece yet. A piece that I know Landon will appreciate once he is older. A piece that helped people realize why I call Landon, “a miracle”. A piece that may have gotten some naysayers off my back about wanting an only child (side note- I can care less what you think really). It was a perfect piece.  If you want to re-read it- you can do so here. While I really would love to audition with this piece again- because I feel it is a story that needs to be told, I am not.

I am working on another piece. A piece that I feel is like the elephant in the room if you will…….Some may feel the same way I do- but are too afraid to admit it because they fear what others may think. Well, I will be the guinea pig. I have finally been able to put two & two together and figure out what has been plaguing me all these years.

If I don’t make the cut this year- I will post my essay on here right away.  However, if I am lucky enough to be chosen, well you must come and get tickets to watch me rock the stage on May 10th (and of course I will post after the show for all you non-local readers). I am excited to continuing writing this piece and hope I do it justice! But, its all about me and my feelings- and I believe you should never feel bad for how you feel. Hope I kicked up some suspense……….That is all…..



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  1. First, best best best luck with your new submission. Second, your last year’s submission is superb. I just read it. Last, I honor any woman who submits her story. I wouldn’t know where to begin, to narrow, to focus, to say…

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