31 Things You Oughta Know About the Woman Behind the Blog!

Yes- I am sure you know the basics. Either you are friend, a friend of a friend, a Facebook friend or read my blog weekly…….

I am Joy. Married to my baby’s daddy. Live in Warwick. Love the color purple. Love cupcakes & margaritas. I am from NJ.  My son has Sensory Processing Disorder. Travel anywhere I can. Write my blog for fun (& therapy). But do you know the real “Me”. Would you still read, be my friend, friend of a friend or Facebook friend (stalker) if you knew the real me? Don’t get me wrong, I am not a monster. But what I am is someone who has a clear understanding of what she likes, doesn’t do bullshit and has no tolerance for ignorance. Therefore sometimes people don’t like that- especially the ignorant ones!

I turned 31 on January 5th- and to honor my glorious day of birth, here on Jan 31st I give you 31 THINGS YOU OUGHTA KNOW ABOUT THE WOMAN BEHIND THE BLOG!

31. I don’t make “lasting” friendships easily. My guard is always up- and he is a fighter.

30. I wish I was a Canadian.  But I am still proud to be an American! I just love all things CANADA!

29. More than any other place, I wish to visit Greece. (and Italy….and….everywhere)

28. I have only ever wanted 1 child. 1 perfectly imperfect child to call my own!

27. I have dated men from almost every ethnic background. Taste the Rainbow Ladies!

26. My most exceptional work is Landon and will always be Landon.

25. I have an issue expressing happiness. It makes me feel strange inside and in turn sometimes it comes out as anger.

24. Most days you can catch me going “all natural”, for I hate Bras.

23. I will never ever ever in a million years go sky diving.

22. I have Sensory Processing Disorder, diagnosed as an adult. Betcha didn’t see that one coming! Or did you?

21. I love Yoga. It makes me feel strong & sexy. Namaste~

20. I have a glazed stick from Dunkin Donuts every morning for breakfast. It is my addiction.

19. I quit smoking January 12th 2007, and not 1 day goes by where I don’t want another one. But I won’t give in.

18. I belive in Karma. And its a Bitch Baby!

17. I am adopted and so is my little brother.

16.  My husband is the smartest person I know. Professor, Entrepreneur, Businessman, Published Author, WordPress Expert, Public Speaker- See for yourself!

15. I have Social Anxiety Disorder. All those years quietly watching in a corner- I have come to sense “Bullshit” like no-ones business. I don’t do Bullshit.

14. I have no tolerance for the “N” word- I grew up defending my brother and I would defend anyone anytime from that word.

13. I live in a 840 sq. foot home with my husband, son, 2 dogs & 2 cats. Yes, It’s crowded.

12. My dream home is a quaint 1,000 sq. foot log cabin, open floor plan and wrap around porch. Someday!

11. I am a child of divorce. It still affects me even as an adult.

10. I dye my hair monthly. I get bored very easily. It’s another way for me to be creative. All these creative juices flowing………

9. I primarily shop in thrift stores for our clothes. Ask me the best ones for designer labels- I will share my secrets!

8. My favorite food is Potatoes. Baked. Fried. Stuffed. Mashed. It’s all good……

7. I refuse to eat Lamb & Veal.

6. I have PKU. It is a rare genetic disorder that means I lack the enzyme to break down protein.

5. I live for football. I study the game, the players, the history. From NJ- but my team has been the New England Patriots since I was 9.

4. I utterly despise baseball.

3. I am addicted to food. Thus- I am a Lifetime Weight Watcher.

2. I listen to Sports Radio in the car. No music.

1. My boys- Jesse & Landon are the reason I am living!



3 thoughts on “31 Things You Oughta Know About the Woman Behind the Blog!

  1. A fascinating reveal. I was #24 for years (a child of the 60’s), and now wear sports bras and the occasional “real” bra when it is obscene otherwise. I have an unnatural fear of flying and height, so I am still confounded that I successfully #23 sky-dove (dived?) on my 57th birthday and felt re-born with the beauty, peace, quiet, loveliness of the experience. Yoga, yes. Never, ever smoked. Love potatoes ~ maybe it’s the half Irish in me. My great-grandparents came to America to escape the potato famine, landed in Boston and the rest is my half-history. I am #15. I live #15. My husband and children know this, but the rest of the world is always surprised because I have learned to cope with it outwardly. Never inwardly. I live there quite comfortably. I listen to sports radio. I guess I should do one of these for myself… all 61 of me. Thank you for sharing, exposing, revealing your SELF…

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