Worries & Sensory Processing Disorder : Post, Review & Giveaway

The Worry Monster. My kid has it. Does your kid have it? Heck, I have it. I worry all day everyday. Its in my nature. It was only fitting that Landon be a worrier like me, even though I wished it otherwise. Having Sensory Processing Disorder only amplifies his body’s reactions to his anxieties. In Dr. Dan Peters book, Make your Worrier a Warrior, he teaches parents & teachers how to help a child who suffers from anxious tendencies.

The Worry Monster is real. This book only reinforced what years of therapy has taught me. While my worries may be silly to others, they are very real to me. Sometimes worries can affect how your body reacts. From personal experience, I know this feeling is terrible. Just like the TLC song, “I get weak in the knees, I can hardly breathe, I lose all control……..It’s an awful feeling that can happen anywhere, anytime. The fact that I know how my son feels when he has his “attacks”, well it just breaks my heart. I wish I could take all his worries away. But, I know that is not possible. Instead, he needs to learn how to use his worries in a positive way. This book shows you the tools needed to get there.

Say NO to the Worry Monster photo via Dr. Dan Peters

Say NO to the Worry Monster photo via Dr. Dan Peters

First and foremost, this book taught me to externalize the problem so it becomes something outside of himself. This helps him narrow in on the worry without having a close personal reaction while working on it. I found this to be extremely helpful for Landon as well as in my personal experiences. It allows the worrier to feel as those they might be able to control their worry.

Uncovering just how powerful the physiological response of excessive adrenaline was quite interesting. When I read all the symptoms that can occur from too much adrenaline, Landon was so happy. He yelled, “I get that” and “Just like me”. It made him realize that are other kids out there who experience anxiety like he does. It was a great moment for me as a mom to see him actually feel good about his anxiety, rather than shame & guilt.

The book is filled with writings of worries and achievements from children and parents who have tamed the Worry Monster. It was interesting to read some of the worries our kids of today are facing. I was so proud when I read one where they talked about how they faced a fear they previously had.

Tame the Worry Monster Today Photo via Summit Center

Tame the Worry Monster Today Photo via Summit Center

Things to remember-The most important pieces I took from this book:
The Worry Monster is a Bully
Our tone of voice, as much as the words we use, help our children feel hopeful.
The more you talk about the Worry Monster, the weaker he gets.
There are many types of anxiety that can affect your child
Helping your child to face his fears is key in helping them go away
The more we think worrisome thoughts, the more adrenaline is released, the more scared we feel.
The Worry Monster is always lying to you.
Worries and fears can be broken down into baby steps.

Listen, we all worry. But, it’s how you react to those worries that can affect your daily life. I urge any parent or adult for that matter to grab this book and uncover why & how our bodies react to anxiety & stress the way it does. You will learn why your heart races fast and why you feel clammy and dizzy. This book is not a magic cure. It’s a guide to help you and your family on a journey to live your best life. No-one wants there child to hide away from life, you want them to live it. With this book, you will learn the tools needed to help them reach their potential!

Amazon is working to quickly restock the book. Lucky you-  I have a digital copy of both of his books (parent + tween/teen review copies) to give away to a lucky reader. You do not need to have Kindle, just the ability to open a .pdf file and away you go on your path to taming the Worry Monster! Please remember, these opinions are mine and mine alone.  Enter today to start your journey……..

*Laura Rossi Public Relations provided the review copy www.laurarossipublicrelations.com 


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  1. This is the most important post/review for worriers and parents/grandparents/teachers of worriers. I’ve been in every role. I am sad that it is out of print, but knowing how crucial this is to parents of worriers, I will not enter the giveaway… hoping someone who needs this saves a child and parent from unthinkable pain. Thank you for this post.

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