Top 10 Best of 2013

Top 10 Best of 2013 – joy style

I have compiled a list of my favorite things that I have come in contact with during 2013. From places, to cleaning products and DIY crafts. Here is what I found interesting and wonderful about 2013.

10. Best song of the year- I will get shit for this- but Katy Perry’s ROAR is awesome. Just listen to the lyrics for a minute. It can help you get through a tough workout, a bad mood or just keep your spirits up!


9. Best “guilty pleasure” new show. Arrow on CW. It’s a hot man in tights, saving his city to right the wrongs of his father. It’s addicting……..


8. Best DIY Holiday treat: Christmas Crack! I know it is not new to 2013, but it was to me. It was freaking amazing…….I will be making a version of it for every holiday I can! Check out the amazingly simple recipe and gorgeous pictures from Sweet Bella Roos 


7. Best Family decision: to join Mastery Martial Arts. Karate and Kickboxing has become apart of our family 3-4 nights per week. You know the saying, “families who play together, stay together”!


6. Best Weekend Roadtrip: Mystic Seaport & Mystic Village. While we have been to the village many times, we have never been to the Seaport. It was amazing. Landon loved it and it was so educational yet so much fun. We can not wait to go back in the Spring! To learn more visit them @ Mystic Seaport


5. Best toy purchase: Legos! It was only a matter of time before Landon found the Lego aisle of the Toys R’ Us. He received his first real ” little” Legos this past summer and the rest is history. I know they probably cost next too nothing to make, but I truly don’t mind paying the price for them. They are a forever toy and he learns so much from building and being creative!


4. Best Pinterest find: Homemade doggie treats! My dogs love the summer! Love the sun- but they can get very hot and drink so much water! What a great way this is for them to play and stay hydrated and it doesn’t break the bank! Freeze water and chicken stock with toys, carrots, treats, etc to keep dogs from getting bored and overheated in the backyard. For all my dog friends!!!


3. Best kids movie: Disney has done it again! Frozen was amazing! Not just for the kids, but for the parents who thought they would be bored sitting through yet another kids movie! The music, the cast, the characters and the story were all entertaining and hands down the best kids movie of 2013!


2. Best household cleaner- my new staple! Vinegar, water, lemon rind and any scent I want (oil- from Whole Foods) . I spent so much money on all the new products and they were so full of chemicals. I wanted something that was cost effective, good for the environment and safe for my child! Again- thank you Pinterest! 


1. Best mommy moment- When my son taught his kindergarten class about his allergies and asthma and explained what happens to him and why its important for them to not bring in nuts. Proud of my 5 year old!

994936_10151729440451395_1356334637_nHere’s to 2013 and onward to 2014! May it be everything 2013 was and more! What were some of your favorite (best) things of 2013?

Happy New Year Everyone!

Namaste -joy


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  1. Love this list! We loved Frozen & are head over heels for Legos. You’ve got me thinking about a seaport visit this summer! Like you, we’re regulars at the aquarium and the shops but never the seaport. Here’s to thinking warm thoughts on this frigid day!

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