A Mom’s Christmas List

A Mom’s Christmas List

My son was born in November. Obviously, for the Christmas that proceeded, he was the best gift I could’ve asked for. Being a mom IS the greatest gift ever, many would attest. So how come it is so hard for a mom to get what she wants most for Christmas? Not only what she wants, but what she needs too! Move aside diamonds and cool gadgets, My list goes something like this:

All this mom wants for Christmas is;

1. A long hot shower, alone. A non-scheduled one. No kid peeking through the curtain asking for more snacks kinda shower.  I don’t need to leave the door open to hear him playing. I can shut the door or heaven forbid Lock it!

2. 1 week where nothing in the house is broken, on purpose or accidentally.

3. 1 meal per day where I am not multitasking at the same time. It’s a skill I know I have mastered- eating while cooking, helping with homework, watching the dogs, cleaning etc……if I can’t have that- then an extra set of hands Please!

4. A day to go by without my kid riding the  big dog like a horse and for the little dog to stop riding the big dog. It’s too much riding……..I get motion sickness.

5. Speaking on the darn dogs- Bark-less dogs! It’s the mailman. He comes 6 days a week, same time everyday. So, for the love of my sanity, please stop barking at the mailman like he is here to steal your last bone on earth! You don’t want bark collars, do you? Didn’t think so….

6. For egg nog to have no calories, no carbs or fat. For egg nog to be as nutritionally sound as water- this one is a maybe in another lifetime it will come true kinda wish! Yumm….Must get eggnog right now……be right back…….

7. To sleep without interruptions. “Mommy, I need to go potty, Mommy, I am thirsty, Mommy, I am not tired,  Mommy I can’t find my pillow”. ” Bark, Bark, Meow, Meeeooooow- dog/cat fight in the basement”. No wonder I have insomnia……..

8. A mute button………..ENOUGH SAID!

9. A self- cleaning house. Like the self cleaning kitty litter the cat has…that thing is awesome! Must contact inventor of that, and tell him my idea…ooh…would I be a co-inventor? I would make millions!

10. Most importantly- Love- for my family to enjoy a peaceful, joyful day and just love each other for all we are!

If you could have any one thing, no matter how silly or unpractical, what would it be?

merry holidays!


6 thoughts on “A Mom’s Christmas List

  1. Great list! Love the no-calorie eggnog. As a Grandma now of 10, soon-to-be 11, I kinda miss all the kid and doggie chaos of Mommyhood. Can you believe it? But if I could have one wish, I guess it would be to have one very long video or dvd of all the moments of my kids and dogs romping and playing… years and years of memories that I could replay any time I wanted. Now THAT would be something!

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