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A Little Rhody Summer by My Sensational Kid

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Photo from The Mommyhood Chronicles

My Top 10 Attraction Areas in Rhode Island by The Mommyhood Chronicles

A Little Rhody Summer

Summer is almost upon us! Well, not really, but one can dream. We need to get through Spring first (and that IS upon us), but if you are like me you are already planning your summer weekend getaways, road trips and/or a list of all the places to see & things to do! Should you find yourself heading up to “Little Rhody” (or even passing through it), there are so many fun & unique things to do here. Summer is the best time to visit Rhode Island; we aren’t labeled the Ocean State for just any old reason! Below are my Top 5 activities you should consider when visiting RI in the summer! You could pack these into 1 very long day, but I suggest planning a weekend getaway to really enjoy these activities.

Things to do in RI

  1. Roger Williams Park Zoo

This is a perfect cloudy day or late afternoon trip idea for the whole family. This zoo has more than just animals. Kids can cool off in the Drip Drop Water Garden, climb the treehouse where there are things to see & hear or build a creation at the Sticks & Stones Building Zone. There are even camel rides, giraffe feedings, rock climbing & a butterfly garden! At $14.95 for adults/$9.95 for children, it’s a great price for all it offers. Plus, you can bring in your own picnic lunch (some zoo’s do not allow outside food),  which is amazing!

  1. Rustic Drive-in Movie Theater

There is something to said about sitting under the stars on a cool, breezy summer night watching your favorite movies with a bunch of friends! It just screams SUMMER to me! This authentic 1950’s drive-in has 3 screens, with 2 shows playing on each screen. Outside food can be brought in (or purchased there) and it is only $27 per carload! With movie tickets at almost 12$ per ticket, per show- this is a great bargain! Kids & adults will love this place! And it’s dog friendly! Furry animals deserve some summertime fun as well!

  1. Newport, RI

Visiting Newport can be broken into many parts. 1. A visit to one of the 11 mansions, which were built during the Colonial era through the Gilded Age. 2. A visit to one of the popular beaches. 3. Shopping & dining along the harbor that boast spectacular views. You can visit Newport during the day and have a completely different experience at night. There is truly something for everyone.

2.    Waterfire

Waterfire is a non-profit arts organization whose goal is to bring to life the downtown urban area and revitalize it with art, music and more. Over 80 bonfires are set amongst the water at WaterPlace Park. Visitors walk along the banks enjoying local music, watch performances, grab local fare from food trucks as well as the sites & smells of the burning embers. It’s always free admission and it really is a site to see. Check their schedule online for more info.

  1. Galilee & Point Judith

This quaint fishing village is home to the largest fishing fleet in RI, as well as home to the Block Island Ferry. The beach is small yet gorgeous. A jetty formation lines the beach where onlookers wave to all the ferries that pass by. George’s of Galilee serves the best clamcakes & chowder and there are tons of places to buy fresh fish & lobster right from the boat. The view from their upstairs outdoor terrace is amazing. Small shops, ice cream parlors & other eateries make this #1 on my list!

Your “Little Rhody” Summer is awaiting your arrival…

Summer Secrets: Are you ready?

I was so happy when I was asked to read and review Jane Green’s new book, Summer Secrets. I was on a kick with personal development books and needed something different to read. This filled that void perfectly.  It really is the prefect beach novel, but you can read or re-read it just about anytime you wish!IMG_3237


“For as long as I can remember, I have always had the feeling of not quite fitting in, not being the same as everyone else. I’m certain that is why I became a writer.”

That my friends is the first two lines of the book. It was meant for me.  I swear it. It drew me in, right then and there. I still don’t “fit in”. I embrace my differences and love to express those feelings through my writing. The book is witty, raw, fun and so easy to read. The words just flow together nicely like colors on a canvas.

The story of Cat is a true one (well not really). But it could be. It’s not an elaborate type of story. Cat’s experiences, her family struggle, her addiction, her divorce, her confidence issues; all can be seen in any one of us. I think that’s why it is so easy to fall in love with her. You feel for her. You see maybe yourself, your mother or a friend in Cat.  If you are looking for a book to read this summer or perhaps a gift for someone, pick this up. You won’t be sorry! I think I need to visit the Jane Green section of my local bookstore. My only complaint is the ending: it ended and I wanted MORE! Hmm….maybe a sequel to what happened? I’ll be sure to tell her PR department to get right on that!


** I was chosen to read & review this book. All opinions are my own and I stand by them.**

Get reading ~ Joy

Block Island Organics: Block out or Burn

I have fair skin. Very fair skin. No, I am not the fairest of them all, however I would love to be a Disney Princess in my next life! Sun and I are not friends. I get tired, irritable, dehydrated and yes burn in under an hour of sun exposure. I am the girl who wore a one-piece on the Jersey Shore- with SPF 80 along with an umbrella. There I was, sitting next to my gorgeous, bikini-clad friends while they applied their Johnson & Johnson baby oil on. Yup. That was me. That is still me. That brings me to Block Island Organics.

Fair skin for everyone!

Fair skin for everyone!

The Block Island Organics mission

Their mission is to give everyone access to safe, effective, and lovable non-toxic suncare products. They believe in living outside and enjoying the sun and not hiding from it. With a little sun knowledge and the right sunscreen you can live their mantra too: “Play Smart, Play Safe.”  I know how important skin health is. I have had some run-ins with skin cancer scares and I am not taking any chances. However, I refuse to use products filled with chemicals I can’t pronounce or ones that are banned in other countries. I want Non-Toxic and as close to natural as possible. Block Island Organics fills that need.

Winner of a Big Thumbs UP!

Winner of a Big Thumbs UP!

I didn’t just want to post about how much I love this product. I wanted to show you. Really show you. So, I planned a day in my yard gardening. I was out from 10am-8pm, give or take a bit for breaks and lunch. I lathered one side of my body with Block Island Organics SPF 15 and the other side of body with a national brand of the same SPF. Not only did my love for this product grow- I hope it proves to you that sometimes all that money that goes into marketing & fancy containers isn’t the best bet for your health & well-being. Choose Block Island Organics. It is all that I will buy. I even shocked myself with these results.

Can you see the burn?

Can you see the burn?

Nice, tan(ish) skin

Nice, tan(ish) skin

Painful, burnt skin

Painful, burnt skin










Buy local. Buy Non-toxic. Buy Synthetic ingredient free. Buy Made in the U.S.A. Buy Block Island Organics here. For my readers, you are being treated to  20% off any of their amazing products with code joymarie. They have a baby sunscreen as well as sun relief lotion! I will be picking that up for myself! What are you going to get?