The Karate “Cult”

Landon is only 5 years old and is already on the right track to become a black belt by the time he is 8years old. It’s something he wants to accomplish so badly. 5 year olds can have goals and aspirations and boy does Landon prove that.  We stumbled upon Martial Arts last April during an after school program. Thankfully,they allowed preschoolers to join because otherwise I am not sure we would be here right now. Although, Landon was in preschool, his size would say otherwise. He is a big kid. Bigger than most kids in 2nd grade even. He’s always been the tallest even as a toddler. He loved those 3 weeks of karate after school. So, we knew we had to learn more about what other programs were offered at the studio.

Flash forward to today. Landon has completed 3 belts and is on his way to getting his 5th belt in a few weeks. He is still only 5 years old and is in the Advanced program now.  Learning special forms went from 4-6 moves to 21 moves practically overnight. He is not perfect, but damn is he good and so proud. This lifestyle, which it truly is, is not cheap. It’s costly in all  aspects. Money, time, commitment, sacrifice,  etc. But, it’s something we do as a family and is more rewarding that costly. My husband has now joined karate as well, and we both take Kickboxing classes at the studio as well. We are there at minimum 4 times a week between the both of us.

Last night while watching our boys sweating it out on the mat, a friend said to me, ” if you are going to be in a cult, this is the kinda cult you want your kids to be apart of”. She is so right. They teach discipline, respect and honor. Landon has always been a good boy, but now I just sense such pride in him. He is finally proud of himself- with all his flaws, differences and challenges he has. Even though we have taught him to be happy with himself all his life, something about this place just motivates him to truly believe in himself. As a mother, I am so grateful for this place. It’s a place he can go and be Landon. A goofy, loving, long haired smart little man. That’s who he is. And soon- I know he will add black belt to his resume.karate