Why I Set Intentions AND Not Resolutions

2017 has reared it’s head and people are shouting out to the world what they “resolve” to fix this year. I’ve written about this very notion before (see here) and I stand by my initial thoughts. I don’t do resolutions, never have and never will. A resolution to me, seems to be a means to end. And end to something bad or a flaw. Like I need to fix something that was broken or change immediately (or else). I don’t think I need to change and I certainly don’t think I am broken. Change is good, but not when it comes with baggage…

I totally get the idea that a new year should bring change, hope or a fresh slate. That sounds positive, whereas to me a resolution has a negative connotation attached to it. Instead of thinking onto 2017 in terms of what you resolve to fix, why don’t you think of 2017 as an opportunity to CREATE something positive in your life? Listen, if the word “resolution” doesn’t get your panties in a twist like it does mine, then by all means RESOLVE away! Who am I to judge? I however, don’t like anything that feels negative or daunting to me.

This year I am setting intentions and not resolutions. Maybe you can set an intention for the life you are actively CREATING?  Change your intentions whenever you see fit. Commit yourself to being PRESENT in this world, for each moment can bring something different to your life.  Resolutions, opportunities, intentions, goals, wishes, whatever you call your deepest desires, don’t fall victim to them. Don’t let them hold you hostage. Change them without warning. Grow through, what you go through. Not being free to express yourself without judgement (even from within) is damaging enough.

If you made a resolution this year, I wish you the very best. For me, my intentions are clear.

In 2017,
I intend to live with intent;
I intend to love my body more
I intend to laugh louder
I intend to hug longer
I intend to try new things
I intend to express my emotions without fear of judgement
I intend to create
I intend to love deeper
I intend to breathe
I intend to embrace my life, for it is the only one I am ever going to get….

Don’t fear failing, fear having never tried at all.

A Promise of Personal Branding

I don’t do resolutions. I don’t do goals. I do personal promises. A resolution is something I find very easy to pass off, to neglect if you will. A goal is great- if you get there. If not, you wallow in your own self pity thinking about how you failed. Granted, failure is something we all need in life. A good failure only helps us get back at “it”, only to eventually succeed beyond your initial expectations. But a promise, that is personal. I don’t know about you, but when I make a promise to someone, I do it. This promise is a connection you have within yourself. From your mind to your heart. A “Promise”can also mean a capacity for good, similar to a value that is to be realized in the near future. So, 2014, I promise you & I the following:

I promise to run 299 miles in 2014- which is 1 more mile than my total for 2013 (well 297.49 miles in 2013) I rounded up!

I promise to devote 3 hours to myself and only myself each week.

I promise to continue my writing, regardless if not a single soul reads it.

I promise to believe more in the good of mankind rather than the bad.

I promise to express my love & gratitude to my friends & family more often.

You just read my promise for personal branding in 2014, So what promise will you make yourself this year?