Be #happiernow with Carson Kressley


It’s Monday folks. Back to work for many, a happy day for some and a dreaded day for others. Why? Too many women are living their lives in a way that doesn’t suit them. What do I mean by that? Magazines tell us what to wear. Celebrities show us what is trendy. We lose ourselves in the over-abundance of media outlets surrounding us. I want to be happy. Not happy after I lose another 10 pounds. Not happy when I can afford that “trendy” bag I want. Not happy when I move into a bigger house. I want to be #happiernow.  Thanks to Carson Kressley and, I am!



Carson teamed up with to create a course dedicated to women who are stuck in a rut. Whether you are having issues with your self-esteem, not finding enough time for yourself or just not sure what the problem is, this course is for you. It’s quite simple really. 7 days of inspirational and helpful videos paired with a quick challenge for you. It’s all about YOU and what you WANT & NEED to be #happiernow. Carson is super motivating and honest in the videos. It felt like he was talking to me. How did this man get into my head and uncover all my emotions? It was actually quite refreshing to realize that there are more women who feel the same way as I do. He helped me overcome some fears & challenges in just 7 days. What’s even better is, it’s only $4.99!  Isn’t that almost the cost of one large (or should I say Venti) Starbucks Iced latte? Are you worth $4.99? I think you are!


Contrary to what the media tells us, we do not need more money, expensive clothes, be a size 0 or a big house to be happy. Happiness is something we can choose to live in. We can make the conscious decision to wake up tomorrow and be happy with what we have. Find the good in what you have, rather than the bad in what you don’t. Make the pledge to be #happiernow. Take this course and let it inspire you. But first, fill in the blank below. It is your new mantra. Write it out- and put it on your bathroom mirror, in your daily agenda book or make it your screensaver. Today is the day to get #HAPPIERNOW.


For more courses offered at the Happier community, click here and follow them on twitter and Facebook. Be sure to follow Carson on twitter @CarsonKressley and check out his newly re-launched site here.

Motivation Monday- Reviver Challenge

Over the weekend, I participated in something I never thought I would/could do. I ran an obstacle course style race called the Reviver Challenge. It.was.hard. The obstacles were not fun or enjoyable. I mean, if you like climbing over 12 foot walls with only 1 platform for your feet- then you are well, not like me. If you like crawling in tunnels of mud that smell like <not mud> then this is your cup of tea! Me, I like running on smooth pavement listening to my teeny bopper catchy music and people watching as I go. This did not include any of that.

Ready to Race

Ready to Race

Just because the obstacles were not fun or easy, doesn’t mean I didn’t have fun. The fun came with running this with some fabulous ladies. The fun came with conquering each obstacle as a team. The fun came with getting out of my own head and living outside my comfort zone (even if only for a short while). The fun came when I saw my family there cheering me on. But the most fun was at the finish line.  When I crossed the line, I felt accomplished, proud, excited, relieved, tired, hungry and so much more. It was an overwhelming mix of emotions.

Over the past few years, I have been trying to live my life outside of the lines. When you push the boundaries, you experience things you never thought you would. When something scares you, think about how you will feel if you conquered it? Would you be in awe of yourself? Feel proud? What scares you? What is something you have always wanted to do, but never found the right time? Do it. What are you waiting for? Life is not endless. There is a limit to what we will be able to achieve here on Earth. So why waste your precious time doing nothing when you can be doing something. Go. Whatever it is, try it. Try everything once… never know……

Congrats to my girls- Jen, Meghann, Rebecca for a job well done!

After race smiles!

After race smiles!