Reduce Your Child’s Stress With SELF-REG By Dr. Stuart Shanker

If you are a parent, chances are there are times when things can get pretty stressful with this parenting gig. Whether it is you or your child, sometimes our emotional responses are not what we would say is appropriate! Fear not, there is something that can help alleviate the stress! SELF-REG is a new book written by Dr. Stuart Shanker, that aims to help parents and caregivers (and their children) break the stress cycle and successfully engage in life. This book resonated with me more than I thought it would. And, I think it could do the same for you.

13512009_1369642833052803_7513924312647813087_nAt the start of the book, you learn about the discovery of the limbic system, often referred to as the “emotional brain” and how it’s connected to our emotions. Each one of our memories is stored here and is associated with an emotional response, whether it be good or bad. Now I know why I am still afraid of the dentist at 33 years old! The ability for our emotional response to be rational and precise, largely is affected by one’s stress level. Each person has an individual level of stress that their limbic system values as a threat. When a threat is seen, our ability to control our responses is lessened.

“Self-control is important but not the central organizing feature of a strong, healthy mind and life success. Self-regulation is.” Dr. Stuart Shanker 

Right from the beginning of the book I felt at ease about my son and I. As most are aware, we both have been diagnosed with Anxiety Disorders and Sensory Processing Disorder. We are usually playing out a “fight or flight” scenario in our minds weekly, even when nothing seems to really be bothering us. When we are anxious, we tend to be more emotional. Overly happy or terribly sad and agitated. It all seemed to make sense. Dr. Stuart Shanker explained it in a way that was easy to understand. I always knew our anxiety was something that we couldn’t control, but it is always nice to hear that we are not alone.

SELF-REG: 5 Core Steps for Transforming Behavior

  1. Read the signs and reframe the behavior
  2. Identify the stressors
  3. Reduce the stressors
  4. Become aware of when you’re overstressed
  5. Figure out what helps you calm, rest and recover

How simple do these steps sound?  While it may take time to learn ALL the signs and stressors, you can start putting these to use immediately. Think about a time when your child was acting fresh or rude. Was there something bothering them? Was there a large crowd, noise, light bothering them? Were they not feeling their best? I ran these steps in my head a few times and was able to determine a few stressors of my son’s that I wasn’t aware of before. We can help our kids navigate their emotions on a healthier level with these steps. Society sometimes tells us that having emotions is a bad thing. That we need to keep them bottled up and repress them. With these steps, kids (and adults alike) will also learn the importance of emotional openness and safety. Holding our emotions in can actually lead to more stress in our lives.

self-reg 6

I highly suggest this book for anyone who has a tough time recognizing their child’s behavior.  These steps for transforming behavior are not to control our children. It is to help them understand “why this” behavior and to help them self-regulate. It is never too early or late to start learning this technique. And remember, these steps can help us understand our own signs and stressors. A little understanding can go a long way, especially when we can understand ourselves on a deeper level. We not only become better parents, but better people for it.

I was given an advance digital copy to facilitate my own opinion. You have a chance to win a hardcopy of SELF-REG by entering the giveaway below. I hope you enter~there is much to learn from this book!
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Summer Secrets: Are you ready?

I was so happy when I was asked to read and review Jane Green’s new book, Summer Secrets. I was on a kick with personal development books and needed something different to read. This filled that void perfectly.  It really is the prefect beach novel, but you can read or re-read it just about anytime you wish!IMG_3237


“For as long as I can remember, I have always had the feeling of not quite fitting in, not being the same as everyone else. I’m certain that is why I became a writer.”

That my friends is the first two lines of the book. It was meant for me.  I swear it. It drew me in, right then and there. I still don’t “fit in”. I embrace my differences and love to express those feelings through my writing. The book is witty, raw, fun and so easy to read. The words just flow together nicely like colors on a canvas.

The story of Cat is a true one (well not really). But it could be. It’s not an elaborate type of story. Cat’s experiences, her family struggle, her addiction, her divorce, her confidence issues; all can be seen in any one of us. I think that’s why it is so easy to fall in love with her. You feel for her. You see maybe yourself, your mother or a friend in Cat.  If you are looking for a book to read this summer or perhaps a gift for someone, pick this up. You won’t be sorry! I think I need to visit the Jane Green section of my local bookstore. My only complaint is the ending: it ended and I wanted MORE! Hmm….maybe a sequel to what happened? I’ll be sure to tell her PR department to get right on that!


** I was chosen to read & review this book. All opinions are my own and I stand by them.**

Get reading ~ Joy

Coconut Oil- Is it a Magic Potion?

Coconut Oil is not just another fad. It is here to stay. A fad tends to leave this life almost as quickly as it graced us with its presence. Coconut Oil my friends is no fad. I won’t argue that within the last couple of years it has risen in popularity.  That’s probably because the amount of useful possibilities this oil has;  and I am sure we will continue to learn more each year. Chefs, beauty experts, and even medical professionals use Coconut Oil for its many benefits it offers.  Maybe, that is why it is here to stay- but you should find out for yourself. The uses for this oil are really endless. It transcends from one market to the next. I mean, shoulder pads, MC-Hammer pants and fanny packs really didn’t do much to help the human race! Coconut Oil on the other hand- well It’s A WINNER!

Photo By Gary Yee

Photo By Gary Yee

Honestly, I don’t think I knew much about Coconut Oil until after my son was born. He has eczema and had bad breakouts when he was an infant. I am not against traditional medicine when its needed, but I never felt comfortable using the steroid cream on him as he was under 6 months when he got his first outbreak of it. Luckily, my allergist saw my hesitations and recommended pure coconut oil, or a natural cream made with coconut oil. I tried both. It worked wonders. It is still the one thing I use for my eczema and my son’s (6 years later).

Photo provided by Laura Rossi Public Relations

Photo provided by Laura Rossi Public Relations

Years went on and I thought I was so clever with my new found uses for coconut oil! I mean, I use it for my beauty regime, to help replenish my dry skin & heal my eczema and I even cook with it. I even add a few tablespoons to my green smoothies after I run for my healthy oil component. But I have got nothing on this book. Bruce Fife, C.N, N.D, has come out with even more new uses for this amazing oil. Published previously as The Healing Miracles of Coconut Oil, it is now in its 5th edition as The Coconut Oil Miracle.  With this book, you can really include coconut oil in every aspect of your lifestyle.

Did you know that you can coconut oil can be used in these ways:

  • Heart disease fighter
  • An anti-microbial
  • Lose weight
  • Gain glowing skin & healthy locks
  • Better health
  • Food & nourishment
  • and so much more……

Did you know that Coconut Oil can do all this? Come on, did you? Even Pinterest has a board dedicated to this amazing  oil! If you don’t believe me- check out one of my favorite boards for yourself here.

Laura Rossi Public Relations was kind enough to give me digital copy of this book- but YOU can enter to win a Hard Copy for yourself! Keep this book in the kitchen, in the bathroom, in your bedroom- the possibilities are endless: because this book encompasses all aspects of your life. You will be amazed to learn all the benefits that coconut oil can give you. From glowing skin, maintaining weight-loss to healthy gums- it’s nothing short of miraculous! Plus there are recipes included in the back of the book- and let me tell you the Coconut Brownies are to die for!

So what are you waiting for? Learn more about this book and all the benefits of Coconut Oil here!  And Enter for your chance to win! Giveaway will end Feb 8th and Noon! Good Luck!


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