Creativity amid Chaos

I don’t have a regularly scheduled “Girls Night Out”, (which I am thinking now I should). I don’t work outside the home. I rarely have adult contact throughout the day, (the husband doesn’t count). Most of my free time is spent at the studio working out, running outside, showering (a long, hot one) or playing Legos. So, this weekend when my scrapbooking retreat came I was so very excited. I have been on two already this year, but this one was different. I was going out-of-town for it.  I was attending a Cool Crops Scrapbooking retreat. Staying at a hotel, meals being prepared for me, and coming back to a bed that had been turned down and ready to go.  Oh Yes. I was thrilled. Not only would I have almost 3 free days of no cleaning, cooking, letting the dogs out, feeding said dogs (and cats too), but I would be able to embrace my creativity. But, in all things “Joy”, nothing goes as planned.

Creativity amid Chaos seems like it shouldn’t work. And when things started to go awry on my retreat, I thought it was hopeless. Boy was I wrong. For starters, no sooner did I arrive in Maine, the husband called to let me know that Landon needed to be picked up from school. He was complaining of a headache. Normally, this wouldn’t have been such a big deal. However he has been complaining of headaches for over a month now. We even had a headache chart the doctor wanted us to fill & monitor. So, of course I am a wreck. Then my neck & shoulder started to throb. Numbing pains shooting down swiftly. It would make me lose all my feeling in my hand (writing hand no less) and mess up each time it did. Then my tooth started to throb. Friday night I felt like someone had stepped on my jaw and broke it into a billion little pieces. I contemplated leaving Saturday morning. How could I concentrate and create masterpieces when my mind was obviously all over the place.

A call to my dentist for a prescription, a trip to a local CVS and lots & lots of caffeine, I made it  through the weekend. And, honestly think that because I had to concentrate hard on not focusing on the pain & what was going on at home, I completed my most pages ever- and some of my favorite ones as well. The moral of the story is: when chaos takes over your life, embrace it. You never know how it can affect you in a positive way. Sometimes it’s best to just “roll with the punches”……. Or my favorite saying, “When life gives you lemons, you make Margaritas”!



Please excuse the terrible quality of the photos- as my son cracked my screen on my Ipad…..Boo 🙁

photo (2)

photo (1)

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Make it Monday- DIY Collage Frame

My house is small. Like 640 sq. foot small. I love it (most days). It’s easier to clean, cheaper to heat but has it’s drawbacks as well. I love pictures. Anything really. Prints. Vintage. Photographs. Even Landon’s artwork deserves to be showcased on a wall. However, with an entire wall being utilized by our TV/Bookshelf wall unit in our tiny kitchen/living room combo- it truly leaves no where for us to hang pictures.

I saw this project on Pinterest. Oh, how I love thee. You can make me so motivated and yet so unhappy the next. I mean, sure I am crafty. I can handle myself with most projects I see & love. But, then I see you need space for “said” project. And it reminds me that my house is the size of someone’s two-car garage. When you are like me and love to showcase many photos at once, this project is a must. And if you are also like me, with always needing to change out “said” photos every once in a while, this project is a must. Just take my word for it. This DIY Collage Frame project is must and can work in any room.

Materials Needed:

A frame  ( I suggest one large enough to hold 4- 4×6 photos to get the most out of it)

Twine/Ribbon/Yarn (in a coordinating color with the room you choose to display in)

Scissors (to cut with-LOL)

Mini Clothespins (any craft store will have these)

Tape ( to tape ribbon/twine to back of frame)

You can see my finished project below. I love it so much. I will be making one for my son’s room as well as a gift for my mom. You can get as creative as you want with this. This is such a great space-saving project, but also so unique to add to any room regardless of size/space limitations. If you try this- please let me know! I love seeing finished projects!

Photo on 3-24-14 at 8.57 AM


Photo on 3-24-14 at 8.59 AM

Art Therapy – Wordless Wednesday

Art Therapy: Art is an amazing thing. I could talk all day about the benefits of doodling, painting, crafting, sculpting and all facets of art. But- I will just show you how art transcends age limits, disabilities, handicaps: for it is a universal language. One you can interpret how you see fit. Landon had his Intro to Watercolor class today at the Warwick Museum of Art. He went this summer as well- the only 5-year-old in the program designed for 6+ and up. His artwork caught the attention of the instructor and she knew he would excel and take it seriously. He was back for more during February vacation! Here are his pieces that he named himself:

Dragonfly- Elanna's memory

Dragonfly- Elanna’s memory

Flower Brought to Life

Flower Brought to Life

Sunset over Waves & Rock

Sunset over Waves & Rock

I love Colors

I love Colors